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Our Process

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Our Process

We have a flexible and extensive range of instruction methods all aimed at providing an efficient process which minimises the effort required by our clients.

Cotswold Connect acts as a web based portal for clients to interface with our internal case management system CoG. The portal is owned and operated by The Cotswold Group and enables clients to add a new job as well as to track the progress of an instruction throughout its lifecycle.

In addition to enabling an efficient instruction process we would also highlight that Cotswold Connect delivers the following benefits for our customers –

  • Instant notification and instruction process
  • Remote viewing of all ongoing instructions
  • Direct communication with Case Managers via a secure encrypted environment
  • Immediate acknowledgement that instructions have been received
  • Upload documents
  • View our file notes and completed tasks
  • Add additional tasks or requests directly on to an ongoing instruction
  • Download reports and other documents directly from the site
  • Receive closure reports automatically and immediately following resolution
  • Generate Team level and individual user views to analyse instruction volumes and outstanding jobs

Our Process