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Claimant Profiling Service

Claimant Profiling

Claimant Profiling has rapidly become one of our core services, and our product complies with all applicable regulation or legislation.

Claimant Profiling Service

Claimant Profiling has rapidly become one of our core services; with the capability to be applied to a wide range of client circumstances, it has proven to be an invaluable tool. Our claimant profiling service complies with all applicable regulation or legislation.

Common scenarios are insurance claims, pre-or post-employment vetting, legal matters such as tribunals or any situation where more information and insight is required about an individual or commercial company.

Often applied to inform insurance claims settlement strategy and reserving accuracy, as well confirming the extent of alleged injury or loss, Claimant Profiling provides invaluable insight into the background and lifestyle of the subject through intelligence gathering and deep web mining.

Our team of specialist Intelligence Analysts, who conduct over 4000 profiles annually, are all trained in the techniques developed in the National Intelligence Model, drawing information from DPA compliant data sources, including the internet and our own internal specific fraud databases.

Deep web mining uncovers open source intelligence that subjects never think to cover up or appreciate is publicly accessible.

Our research department provides solutions to each client’s unique circumstances with speed and accuracy, ensuring that reports are thorough and highlight the importance of discovered facts by detailing any necessary recommendations.

Having a dedicated team enables us to spend the required time on each individual instruction. Often it is a combination of specialist knowledge and the time to pursue an enquiry that ultimately drives the best result.