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Surveillance Services


Surveillance remains a valuable investigative tool when you require complete insight into an individual’s capability, delivering clear evidence of a claimant’s injuries and pattern of life.

Surveillance Services

Surveillance has been a core product since The Cotswold Group began and we now conduct in excess of 9,000 covert surveillance days per annum, using only our directly employed Operatives. We deliver outstanding results whilst ensuring that all of our activity is completed with integrity and in accordance with legislation including Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA), Data Protection Act and the Human Rights Act; protecting our client’s brand and reputation at all times.

A robust governance agenda is driven by our Senior Management Team. This is reinforced through an extended training and development procedure for all new Operatives and on-going monitoring and training for existing staff. This ensures that our Operatives work to best practise and a clear Code of Conduct, set above industry standards.

Our capability is flexible and applicable to both urban and rural locations throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. Pre-deployment activity and the insight this provides significantly increase the number of occasions where footage of the subject is secured.

Every instruction is approached on a bespoke basis by our dedicated team of Case Managers and will adhere to our mutually agreed protocol with you.

Following a detailed intelligence review, involving both desktop and covert field research, we provide a comprehensive deployment strategy tailored to the specific requirements of the covert surveillance investigation.

A dedicated Case Manager owns the instruction throughout the entire process, pro-actively informing you of our progress and outcomes.

The final report includes a full intelligence and research review, Operative logs and a detailed commentary of all activity and findings along with a DVD of footage obtained.