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Intelligence Services


Our intelligence capability underpins all of our investigation services and is a unique proposition. Prospect, our fraud specific database, has over 1.2 million separate entities all previously gathered under Section 29/3 of the Data Protection Act (1998) and now under Schedule 2, Part 1, (Paragraph 2) of the Data Protection Act 2018

Intelligence Services

Clients receive the benefit of our industry wide coverage which ensures they are searching against a rich pot of data from across the market.

‘Prospect’ is accessible to clients through a secure online portal, free of charge. This enables individual handlers to search ‘Prospect’ on specific claims, whereby building a more comprehensive intelligence picture of the parties involved. Search results are simply displayed and next steps clearly outlined.

We have invested in a dedicated team of Intelligence Analysts who will deliver a comprehensive intelligence report, including the use of i2 summary charts, for all instructions on relevant services.

Completing intelligence analysis both before and after interviews and enquiries are conducted, ensures that this activity is fully informed and is genuinely intelligence led.

Our investigative results and competitive edge stems from the combination of our intelligence and interviewing expertise.

In addition, our Pro Active Team use our data to identify patterns of offending and problem statements; these can be linked to specific geographical areas, individual subjects, commercial entities or an issue established during the course of an investigation.

Using our data as a starting point our Analysts conduct additional research to provide clients with comprehensive insight into the issue, often identifying further entities against which potential exposure can be checked.

Such detail allows clients to mitigate the risk of additional claims and can be built into underwriting criteria.

Our intelligence service and results are generated by the quality of our data and focused human intervention.