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Trace and Recovery Services

Trace & Recoveries

We have been conducting high volume Trace and Recovery activity for over ten years.

Trace and Recovery Services

Through a dedicated team comprising both desk based Case Managers and specialist Field Operatives, we are able to offer an extensive range of services aimed at locating individuals and securing vital information, whatever the circumstances.

Initially aimed at finding ‘at fault’ third parties involved in motor vehicle collisions, this offering has been expanded to provide a wide range of services to include:

  • Residency and financial feasibility information on any person or commercial entity
  • Completion of accident report and/or claim forms
  • Third party insurance policy details
  • Serving of court summons
  • Proof of trade
  • Validation of residency and identity

Our success is driven by the research skills of our staff and the data sources utilised which ensures we resolve a high proportion of cases without referral to field activity. By minimising costs our clients are able to instruct us on occasions where traditionally action would have been financially unviable.

Every Case Manager uses a range of tools and techniques which identify where an individual or commercial concern is located and then proceed to build a comprehensive picture of the financial status of that entity. Often where clients lack contact information or hold incorrect data, we are able to locate current addresses and telephone numbers which facilitate additional contact.

However, where specific instructions require, we are able to escalate our handling to specialist field operatives who engage with the parties concerned to obtain or in some cases to provide information on your behalf.

We operate on an extended hours basis which includes weekends and evenings, which further underpins our results. All activity is conducted in a Data Protection Act (1998) compliant manner with access to only publicly available data sources.

In addition to our standard Trace service, we provide:

  • End to end subrogated Motor Recoveries service including pre and post litigation case management
  • Complex Recovery handling – recovering from own insured, driver or where fraud has been proven

These services are delivered by dedicated staff with specific focus on the speed and cost effectiveness of recovery action, with litigation used appropriately and as part of a robust and defined end to end strategy.