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Non Reported Claims Service

Non-Reported Claims

Our bespoke service is aimed at claims where your client has not notified you of the incident.

Non Reported Claims Service

Our 'Non Reported’ Claims service enables insurers to reduce the frequency of occasions where they are left to accept liability on a ‘without prejudice’ basis, insist on an unsatisfied judgment against their policyholder or simply settle third party claims without ever receiving confirmation of involvement and establishing the actual legal liability with their own policyholder.

We utilise our desktop, out of hours and field capabilities to contact and, where required, trace policyholders to secure the key facts of the claim.

If successful and where requested by a client, a full telephone interview is conducted confirming the client’s involvement and a detailed account of the incident circumstances are obtained.

If unsuccessful, the matter is escalated to a Field Investigator.

This investigation service will also include gathering of key counter fraud data i.e. third party vehicle occupancy, driver description, extent of damage, etc.

We also apply our fraud knowledge acting as a second line of defence against potentially staged, contrived and exaggerated claims.

Our clients have found that by applying this process they have been able to successfully defend liability on over 30% of cases which traditionally they would have settled on a ‘without prejudice’ or unsatisfied judgment basis.