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Property Investigation Services

Property Investigation Services

Our Property Investigation team are comprised of both desktop and field Investigators. This 25 strong team are solely focused on the investigation and resolution of all forms of suspicious property claims. We have complete genuine national coverage in both the UK and Ireland and with an average of 20 years claims counter fraud experience few can rival our capability.


All of our field investigators have an insurer background which means that they are in tune with insurer’s priorities, regulatory responsibilities and the need to deliver a robust yet customer centric approach to fraud.


Our emphasis is on counter fraud and not adjusting the loss. This approach is driven by the expertise and specialism of our team and generates a different focus to other investigation solutions in the market. We use technology in a way which supports better performance and an enhanced customer journey. Combining our Intelligence, Open Source Research capability with expert desktop and field investigation teams we create a truly unique proposition.

Investigation Spend

Because we are not supporting an adjusting structure, we are able to provide more competitive, fixed fees. Through our dynamic method of risk assessment we quickly establish when claims are genuine and avoid unnecessary escalation to field investigations.

Return on Investment

We believe our return on investment is exceptional with 53.7% of all property claims referred to us this year resulting in a nil claims settlement outcome, whilst generating a complaint frequency of less than 1.2%.

Happier Customers

Our unique intelligence and Open Source Research activity enables us to very quickly and accurately identify genuine claims, avoiding unnecessary delay and exposure to further investigative interaction. By using the latest video interview technology we provide customers with a convenient, quick and dynamic experience with interviews conducted at a time which works for them, often at weekends or in the evening.

We can provide an ‘Investigate and Report’ service or alternatively have the technical expertise to handle instructions on a full delegated authority basis, managing claims to the full range of investigative outcomes including repudiation and quantum settlement.

Our approach will be tailored by our case management team to meet your objective and can include:

Flexible interview availability, no time restrictions to include extended hours and multiple time zone flexibility via our video platform InVue

Instruction received via a variety of mechanisms including via our secure portal, XML spreadsheet, bulk upload or individual files

Datawashing against our fraud specific Prospect database which does not interfere with the customer journey

In addition to Prospect, all claims put through an Open Source triage process invisible to the customers enabling ever greater risk assessment accuracy

Investigator led and owned case management. One single point of contact throughout case, creating a smooth and hassle free customer journey

Where we are unsuccessful in contacting your customer, we will escalate instructions to a field attendance