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Motor Fraud Investigation Service

Motor Fraud

The Cotswold Group is the leading provider of Motor Fraud investigation services within the UK, conducting in excess of two hundred new investigations each week.

Motor Fraud Investigation Service

All new instructions are managed end to end by dedicated specialist Case Managers, who work in conjunction with our team of specialist Intelligence Analysts, responsible for interpreting all available information (which is washed through ‘Prospect’) and our fully employed Fraud Investigators.

‘Prospect’, our unique market leading intelligence database, holds in excess of 1.2 million entities, all with known associations and links to suspected and proven fraudulent activity.

Organised Fraud Investigation:
A fraud investigation spanning a number of claims where potential links have been established between the various entities involved with identified patterns.

Often described as a ‘Fraud Ring’, commonly the key individuals arranging these incidents have associations with serious and organised crime.

Typically we produce a ‘Global Report’ providing an overview strategy and intelligence summary before commencing detailed field enquiries and interviews. Clients are regularly updated during the course of our activity receiving interim and final outcome reports.

Claims Validation Fraud Investigation:
Focused on a single incident rather than a number of suspect claims, we complete a detailed investigation into the alleged collision, considering whether there is any potentially fraudulent activity involved such as phantom passengers or a staged / contrived or induced accident.

Our report includes a comprehensive fraud intelligence review, indemnity and liability statements, all applicable mandates and clear findings with recommendations.

LSI (Low Speed Impact):
Based on a structured telephone interview with the subject (driver, insured or witness), utilising our desktop fraud investigation service, we confirm whether the potential for personal injury to have been caused is valid and if an LSI defence is possible. This is done by clearly determining the facts and mechanics of the incident and assessing a subject’s credibility as a potential witness and their willingness to cooperate with any future proceedings.

Our final report includes a full intelligence and research review as well as a detailed statement and clear recommendations.