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Intelligence Led Investigation Services

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Intelligence Led Investigation

At The Cotswold Group, we believe that intelligence is central to everything we do and should form the basis of each investigative strategy.

With the many changing faces of fraud it is imperative that we act independently and pro-actively to ensure that fraud associations are uncovered. We have proven through our fraud intelligence services and findings that there is a distinctive correlation between pre- intelligence activity and fraud conviction.

Fraud Intelligence Database ‘Prospect’

Intelligence underpins everything we do as a business and our market leading fraud intelligence database ‘Prospect’ contains 1.2 million fraud specific entities, all with known links or associations with fraudulent or suspected fraudulent activity. Once we receive an instruction, all 'data points' are analysed against ‘Prospect’ fraud intelligence database, with all non-fraud instructions washed automatically, therefore providing our clients with a secondary line of defence.

Pro Active Intelligence

We have enhanced our offering through developing a pro-active intelligence team who analyse patterns and trends in claims as well as profiling risk entities. Through this specialist team we have identified over £20 million of fraud in recent months, passing that saving onto our clients and assisting in bringing more offenders to justice. Our capability also supports insurers at both policy inception and first notification of loss stages, enabling insurance fraud prevention as well as identification.

Claimant Profiling

We gather, interpret and assess all publicly available information regarding individual subjects, commercial entities or all parties involved or linked to a claim. This extensive background check ensures we have fullest information prior to commencing any field enquiries and enables insurers to accurately assess the financial risk posed by a specific claimant.

The ‘Intelligence’ Team

We currently have a team of 17 specialist analysts and 15 researchers who are all based within our headquarters in Gloucestershire.

Intelligence Led Investigation

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