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The Cotswold Group Launch Digital Surveillance Logs  | The Cotswold Group


The Cotswold Group Launch Digital Surveillance Logs

The logs completed by Operatives throughout all Surveillance operations, are a cornerstone of the evidence we provide clients in support of the video footage we secure during observations.

The Cotswold Group Launch Digital Surveillance Logs  | The Cotswold Group

Historically these have been hand written documents which are completed in a timely manner as the period of Surveillance develops. 

From today all Surveillance Operatives will be able to digitally record surveillance logs and witness statements.  This capability uses secure smart phone technology, supported by software developed primarily for use by UK Police Forces, which has underpinned the mobile data gathering process for a significant number of Police Authorities since 2015. 

Our Surveillance Operatives can complete the record using the voice dictation software and endorse with digital signature technology, which is then returned securely in an encrypted format to our case management system in real time.
The advantages are clear – 
• Sensitive data contained within Surveillance logs and witness statements are no longer physically transferred between Field and Office locations 
• We will be able to demonstrate the integrity of our logs and statements – the software used does not enable any amendments or changes once an entry is made and also time and date stamps each entry. Therefore any challenge based on the proximity of log and activity completion will be avoided.  
• Data is available in real time, helping us to provide far greater insight to clients, sooner    

All documents produced are court compliant and fully admissible.

The introduction of Digital Logs into our business ensures that we continue to lead the market in respect of the completion of ethical and data compliant surveillance activity. We believe that a robust integrity agenda is not only underpinned by the sole use of directly employed staff, but by the deployment of all available technology solutions which remove the risk of data loss and inaccuracy, whilst enabling us to demonstrate a strict audit trail for all elements of our process. 

Should you wish to preview an example document please contact Christopher Gloyne, Head of Surveillance, 07894 757 477 or email