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The Cotswold Group gain ISO27001 Accreditation


The Cotswold Group gain ISO27001 Accreditation

The Cotswold Group are proud to announce that we have recently obtained the ISO27001 Information Security Management Systems Accreditation (ISMS).

The Cotswold Group gain ISO27001 Accreditation

Our ISMS accreditation reinforces our commitment to information security and provides you with the assurance that we are committed to keeping your and your customers data safe. As part of the accreditation process we completed a refresh of our information security risk assessment and made further investments in improving the control environment including: -

  • Enhancement of the physical access controls to all offices
  • Implemented security film on all windows to reduce the risk of data being seen from outside of buildings
  • Reviewed and updated all relevant policy and procedures
  • Extended the scope of our Business Contingency Plans

We have a number of strategic change projects running at present.  These projects demonstrate our drive to look for innovative ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the work we undertake and drive positive outcomes for our customers. We look forward to sharing more detail about these projects in the coming months.