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The Cotswold Group Announce Head Office Relocation  | The Cotswold Group


The Cotswold Group Announce Head Office Relocation

Following a number of very successful and happy years at our current office location, we will be relocating to a new office later this year.

The Cotswold Group Announce Head Office Relocation  | The Cotswold Group

The relocation will take place during September and be completed no later than 25th September 2017.

Our new Head Office will be Challenge House, International Drive, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, GL20 8UQ.

There will be no impact on any of our existing performance standards during or following the transition period. We will be providing an information pack with further details relating to the new premises and will work with those clients who wish to undertake either remote or on site due diligence activity either before or following the relocation.

Our move supports a number of key strategic objectives, not least ensuring we have adequate space for future growth, something not possible at our current location.

We want our colleagues to work in a great environment which underlines our commitment to attracting and retaining the best staff. Our new location will support the next twenty five years of our journey in the same way as our previous and current premises have done since 1990.

We take our pledge of being a great place to work extremely seriously and want our office to reflect the future ambition of our business. This is therefore an exciting and positive step on our development journey.