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Electronic Signature Implementation Complete  | The Cotswold Group


Electronic Signature Implementation Complete

We are delighted to announce the successful completion of the second phase of our electronic signature implementation project.

Electronic Signature Implementation Complete  | The Cotswold Group

Since 2013 Form Patrol software has been the platform upon which all Fraud and Motor Liability statement activity has been based. This has now been extended to all Liability instructions and has been rolled out across all of our 95 directly employed Investigators.

Since the initial adoption of this market leading technology, our clients have seen enhanced speed of delivery directly facilitating a reduction of handling times. It has also supported increased data security, operational efficiencies and enabled us to take a further step towards a truly paperless investigative solution.   

Through Form Patrol, upon completion of an interview, signatures are collected via electronic signature pads, eliminating the need to print and re-scan the documents. This signed document can then be issued via secure email within minutes of an interview concluding. The electronic statement also enables changes to be tracked pre signature therefore adding a further audit trail and once signed, is completely ‘locked’ and not subject to any further amendments unlike a word or even pdf document. The speed and security of this solution is particularly beneficial when instructions need to be turned around quickly or within strict MOJ deadlines.

Through the process changes we have been able to implement we have also significantly reduced our environmental impact.

Form Patrol is versatile, Court compliant and easy to use. We continue to invest in innovation and technological advancements which will enable our people to deliver market leading services to you in the most efficient, secure and cost effective manner, allowing our specialist Investigators to focus on what they do best – achieving outstanding results.